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Community Engagement

GenPGM recognizes the importance of building and maintaining positive, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with local and Indigenous communities. Indigenous communities are critical partners to GenPGM, and we continually work to build relationships that are based on mutual respect, transparency, and trust. 

At Christmas 2021, GenPGM supported local communities with approximately $8,000 in donations to local food banks.  We also signed formal agreements with several communities to allow for ongoing participation in the environmental assessment process and ensure direct benefits from the Project.

We have several environmental committees established to share information and actively seek comments and respond to questions about the Project design and environmental management plans.

GenPGM works closely with our partner communities to understand their concerns and include them in the Project field work and planning. Over the past several years, many community members have had the opportunity for a Site Tour and have even participated in water quality sampling.  We have given presentations to local schools and continue to look for opportunities to support training and education

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