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Responsible Mining

March 2021 Feasibility Study

2020 Baseline Reports

Acoustic Baseline Report
Aquatic Baseline Report
Atmospheric Baseline Report
Cultural Heritage Baseline Report
Geology Baseline Report
Hydrology Baseline Report
Socioeconomic Baseline Report
Soils Baseline Report
Terrestrial Baseline Report
Transportation Baseline Report
Water Quality Baseline Report
Hydrogeology Baseline Report

EIS Addendum Vol 1

Volume 1 Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Project Scoping
Chapter 3 Project Alternatives
Chapter 4 Environmental Setting

EIS Addendum Vol 2

Volume 2 Table of Contents
Chapter 5 Consultation and Engagement
Chapter 6.1 Assessment Framework
Chapter 6.2.1 Atmospheric
Chapter 6.2.3 Water quality-quantity
Chapter 6.2.4 Fish and Fish Habitat
Chapter 6.2.5 Soils
Chapter 6.2.6 Vegetation
Chapter 6.2.7 Wildlife
Chapter 6.2.8 Species at Risk
Chapter 6.2.9 Socio-economics
Chapter 6.2.10 Human-health
Chapter 6.2.11 Cultural-heritage
Chapter 6.2.12 Indigenous
Chapter 6.3 to 6.7 Assessment
Chapter 7 Environmental Management
Chapter 8 Commitments
Chapter 9 Summary and Conclusions

EIS Addendum Appendices

Appendix A Table of Concordance
Appendix B EIS Guidelines and ToR
Appendix C Record of Consultation
Appendix D01 Atmospheric Effects Assessment
Appendix D02 Acoustic Effects Assessment
Appendix D03 Hydrology Effects Assessment
Appendix D04 Hydrogeology Effects Assessment
Appendix D05 Site Water Balance Summary
Appendix D06 Fish Habitat Offset Strategy
Appendix D07 Navigable Waters
Appendix D08 Wildlife
Appendix D09 Species at Risk
Appendix D10 Human Health Risk Assessment
Appendix D11 Surface Water Quality Effects Assessment
Appendix D12 Best Available Technologies Assessment

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